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For all current and upcoming fans of FUTURES PAST

If you're not sure what this series is all about, this is the place to start.  Here you can download the entire first volume of FUTURES PAST, as well as articles from each new volume as it is published.  Sometimes you may even get a sneak peak of what is to come in the next volume.

I invite you to visit this page frequently.  Here I will be adding all sorts of FUTURES PAST related goodies - besides excerpted articles, there will be interviews, imagery, and maybe even some videos.  Everything on this page is free, and you are welcome to download it all !

Also, please send me feedback on the books and articles and any and all suggestions for new features or improvements are welcome.  So dig in and enjoy!

Click on the tile at left to download the comprehensive  Directory of Silent SF Films from 1895 - 1925

Click on the tile at left to download an excerpt of the most detailed article ever written on the film METROPOLIS [this is just the first half of the complete article]

Click on the tile at left to download an extensively illustrated history of  the development of Space Opera.

Click on the tile at left to download an illustrated biography of  Edmond Hamilton.  Many photos in print for the first time anywhere. is owned and maintained by THE WRITE ANSWER, LLC.  FUTURES PAST is a Registered Trademark of Jim Emerson and THE WRITE ANSWER, LLC.  Any questions, comments, or other concerns can be directed to the publisher at:

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