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Latest Reviews:

The production values throughout are stellar…what a wonderful and ambitious project it is, and one that deserves our support.  If you have any interest whatsoever in the history of the sf field, I can’t recommend this enough.”
      -  Charles de Lint – Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction [May/June 2022]

Impressive as the 1926 volume is, it pales beside its successor.  The METROPOLIS sequence alone would be enough to justify the existence of the book.  And there’s still more – much more, riches indeed.”

- Robert Silverberg – Asimov’s Science Fiction [Nov/Dec 2022]

Now Available  -  Volume 3!


In this latest volume we cover the history and founders of space opera.  Including in-depth profiles of Edmond Hamilton, E.E. Doc Smith and Jack Williamson.  Articles on Buck Rogers, a bibliography of the best space opera novels,  films and comics from the past century and a look at the life of artist Frank R. Paul.  Plus detailed information on ALL the books, magazines, films, people and events that shaped the year 1928 in science fiction.  

(190 pgs)

FP28 Cover web_edited.jpg


We are making the first installment of our 50 volume series absolutely FREE as a searchable PDF download.  64 pages of extensive information on everything sf that happened in 1926 - the year Hugo Gernsback published the very first science fiction magazine, AMAZING STORIES.  Articles, summaries, covers, lists, rare photos; it’s all here in great detail and beautiful full color.  So what are you waiting for? Click on the 1926 cover and begin your adventure through the history of the greatest genre ever created!


All volumes available in PDF, softcover and hardcover editions


METROPOLIS, AMAZING STORIES ANNUAL, the history of the sf silent film and sf contributions from the rest of the world are just some of the topics we'll cover.  More books, films, magazines, plays, photos, bios, and summaries. More of the detailed history of science fiction than has ever been covered in one publication.      (144pgs)

FP 1927 Web Cover.jpg

Welcome to one of the largest and most ambitious projects ever attempted in the field of science fiction. In the pages of FUTURES PAST you will learn the story of the birth and development of modern science fiction over its first 50 years - from 1926 to 1975. Designed in a yearbook format, each volume of FUTURES PAST will cover all the works, people, organizations, and events, in detailed chronological order.

Relive all the novels from THE MASTERMIND OF MARS, BRAVE NEW WORLD, and THE WEAPON MAKERS, all the way to more recent classics such as DUNE, THE LEFT HAND OF DARKNESS and SLAUGHTER HOUSE FIVE.

Follow the early careers of legendary authors, including Bradbury, Clarke, Heinlein, Sturgeon, Asimov, Leinster and many others, year by year, story by story and novel by novel.


Learn about hundreds of “old time radio” plays produced for shows such as DIMENSION X and BEYOND TOMORROW.  Attend the first Worldcon held in New York City in 1939 and many others since then. Read about the award winners and the activities. See photos and hear all the details from the people who were there.

If that’s not enough, how about sf from the rest of the world as well. We will cover significant publications, people and events from… France, Germany, Russia, China, India, and wherever else notable contributions were made.

Yes, every book, every magazine, every film, convention, and so much more! FUTURES PAST is dedicated to all those amazing people who helped to shape our modern world by giving us a sense of wonder, by showing us possible futures and addressing social issues long before they touched the mainstream, and by simply daring to ask, “what if…” Our goal is to keep alive the people, works and memories of a great genre and introduce them to a whole new generation of readers, thinkers and dreamers.           Welcome to FUTURES PAST! is owned and maintained by THE WRITE ANSWER, LLC.  FUTURES PAST is a Registered Trademark of Jim Emerson and THE WRITE ANSWER, LLC.  Any questions, comments, or other concerns can be directed to the publisher at:

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